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Irene Bebekli


I' m Irene...

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Greek jar and me

My name is Irene Bebekli, I am a web & 3D designer and it was about time to launch my own website. In this “jar”, in my digital magazine "Greek jar" I have put only …things that I love. A jar full of flavors, aromas, images, thoughts, emotions, creative ideas and short articles that I hope you like! A jar full of Greece!!! It took a lot of hard work, dedication, passion and too many hours in front of my computer and behind my camera! Greek jar is just making its first web steps and we will be growing together day by day! Stay tuned…

How was

Greek Jar made?

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I took a ...jar and started with a layer of creativity and imagination, I added several grains of thoughts and ideas, I threw in a layer of my love for pastry and baking, then I continued with my passion for design and photography, I added a layer of short articles because I feel like writing sometimes, I didn't forget to put in a big dose of my travel photos through the lens of my camera because I love to travel and at the end I filled the jar with a lot of love for Greece!!! I closed it and I offer it to you!!! Open Greek jar and every time something new will await you!!!

Important Notice: The content of this website is protected by Copyright Laws and it is prohibited to copy it in whole or in part. However, if you need anything, please contact me via the contact form.


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