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Chios, a hidden treasure in the Aegean Sea

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Chios, a hidden treasure in the Aegean Sea

Chios, a hidden treasure in the Aegean Sea

In the embrace of the northeastern Aegean Sea lies a hidden gem where natural beauty, history and cultural richness coexist harmoniously, connecting the threads of the past and the present. It is the island of Chios, a timeless treasure waiting to be discovered, a unique place where time dances with the Aegean breeze, inviting you to find its steps and indulge in its rhythm.

Chios can boast of many things, but its pride and joy is its mastic, this extraordinary gift of nature, shrouded in a veil of mystery since it has chosen to live only in the Chian soil. Walk among the mastic trees, where the resin tears to give its beauty and benefits, giving life to products that carry the soul of Chios. Mesta, Olympi and Pyrgi are just some of the villages where mastic is omnipresent, while at the same time the medieval elements are still alive and take the visitor on a fascinating journey through the centuries. A few years ago, mastic got its own home, the Mastic Museum. Here you can immerse yourself in the mysterious world of this precious product and learn about the history, cultivation and processing of this Chian treasure.

Touring the island is like stepping on an impressive mosaic where Byzantine and Genoese architecture mix with Ottoman influences. The castle, the silent guardian of the city, the library of Korais, Anavatos, the Mystras of the Aegean, the imposing mansions of Kampos with their stone walls and citrus orchards, the caves of Agios Galaktos and Olympi and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nea Moni, famous for its Byzantine mosaics, are just some of the precious relics that the island has to offer to delight and inspire its visitors.

The coastline of Chios is varied and each side hides beautiful beaches, each with its own unique character. Volcanic pebbles at Mavra Volia and turquoise shades at Agia Dynami. Crystal clear waters at Agia Markella and golden sand at Karfas. As you follow the coastal path, you will be accompanied by the vigles, the cylindrical stone watchtowers that from the Middle Ages still stand proudly as guardian angels, looking out over the Aegean Sea with their eyes focused on the pirates.

For food lovers, Chios opens up a world of delightful discoveries. From the local cheese, Mastelo and handmade pasta to the delicious spoon sweets, almond cookies (amygdalota) and mastic-flavored ice cream, every bite is a journey of culinary pleasure. Discover the culture of the island through the food and the festivals that highlight its rich tradition. Watch the impressive spectacle of the Rocket War on the night of the Resurrection, dress up as islanders and pirates and dance the Talimi at the Mostra of Thimiana, see Agha handing out "sentences" to Mesta and Olympus and immerse yourself in the charming and mysterious atmosphere of the Medieval Festival. Drink copious amounts of souma at the Souma Festival in North Chios, discover Chian products at the Mountain and Livestock Festival and dance island-style at the Cherry Festival and the Chios Dance Festival. The reasons for celebration are countless. No matter what season you visit the island, it will reveal the most beautiful aspects of itself.

Chios offers an exciting experience for travelers looking for a Greece destination off the beaten track, for travelers who are fascinated by the authentic rather than the perfect. Whether exploring historic villages, relaxing on beautiful beaches or enjoying local island flavors that smell of the sea, Chios will never dissapoint. So get your bags ready and let's explore a special island where its natural beauty, its cultural heritage and the salinity of the Aegean Sea make up the backdrop of a place that hides well in its soil the secret of a treasure that thrives only in its southern part and nowhere else in the world: its mastic!!!

Irene Bebekli

Irene Bebekli

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